Cuidich 'n Righ

“Caberfeidh gu Brath“

About our Band

In April 1945, the Gelderland valley (the area including both Barneveld and Voorthuizen) was liberated from German occupation. The capital of Amsterdam was liberated on May 8th the same year, both areas by primarily Canadian regiments.

Lots of young soldiers, of which the majority had never been to the Netherlands, died for our freedom.

We (the Dutch) still commemorate their losses (and those of other soldiers) annually on May 4th and celebrate the liberation the day after. To these memorial services and manifestations a new dimension has been added. A number of Dutch musicians have, in their enthusiasm with Scottish, English and Canadian military music, created a new ‘’pipes ‘n drums’’ band and by doing so hoped to contribute to the memorial of the liberation of the Netherlands. The members of the band consider it an honour and their duty to keep the remembrance of all those who fought and died alive. Not only do we commemorate the past, still soldiers - of which Dutch - are dying for freedom all over the world and have to be given their respect.

The band was founded in Voorthuizen September 8th 1999 and was named:"The Seaforth Highlanders of Holland, Memorial Pipes and Drums"

We are in contact with the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada Regimental Association and representatives of the still existing regiment The Seaforth Highlanders of Canada from Vancouver. This regiment is currently in the reserve forces of the Canadian Army. This regiment, that contributed to the liberation of the Netherlands in 1945, included a bagpipe band that played (to the great amusement of the local residents) in the freed towns and cities.

The musical direction is operated by Pipe Major Frank Jan de Boone, who is assisted by a number of instructors. The band performs at many different occasions and can look forward to an ever increasing popularity among the public.

You can view some of the upcoming performances on the Calendar, where you can also find impressions of a few of our previous performances.

One of our most distinctive features, in comparison to other bagpipe bands in Holland, is our uniform. We chose the original uniform worn by the Canadian pipe band during April and May 1945. The uniform includes; the regimental (McKenzie) tartan of the Seaforth Highlanders, the Canadian battle dress jacket, green hose tops, black army boots and green boot wrappings. Despite most pieces of the uniform not being authentic, we try and quite well succeed in being dressed historically very accurate. Still, concessions were made. For example, our drum set is a modern premier set.

At this moment Holland has four memorial pipe bands. The other bands are; The 48th Highlanders of Holland Pipes and Drums from Apeldoorn, The Canadian Scottish from Zeeuws-Vlaanderen (Dutch Flanders) and The Highland Regiment from Deventer.